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Unique End-User Experience Measurement & Monitoring

Layer8 from Logfiller - Unique user experience measurement
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Discover, Quantify and Reduce 'Hidden Costs' – (All Physical, Virtual & Remote Desktop sessions):

How do I know what the User Experience for my desktop users really is?

How can I increase business efficiency by improving my Users’ experience?

How can I see which of my IT resources are under-utilised in order to save money?

Until now, these questions have been just too hard to answer. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Layer8‘s software application provides unique insight into what your users are really experiencing, helping you to identify where to reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies and ultimately to maximise the User Experience.


What is Layer8?

Layer8’s unique, patent pending solution complements all Machine Data systems, and looks to help resolve issues by generating and capturing this elusive 'User Experience' or 'UX' data for use & consumption by any SIEM, Log Analyzer, MSP platform or other Big Data analytical systems.

The goal is to identify where to reduce costs, and to improve operational efficiencies, which can also have the knock on benefit of improving the user experience.

Measure True User Experience:

User Waiting Meter

How long are your Users waiting to log on and for their systems and applications to respond during the day? What's the Real business cost?

Application Usage Meter

Save money on under-used applications and monitor license compliance.

Web Browser Usage Meter

100% accurate. Discover what Users actually focus on.

Browser Waiting Meter

Objectively determine REAL web page response times as actually experienced by Users. Identify poorly performing web, intranet and extranet sites.

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How Layer8 Works

Layer8 is scalable, from a handful to hundreds of thousands, accommodating networks of any size.

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Layer8 Benefits & ROI

"1000 User organizations can save $2.8M per year by identifying and reducing User Waiting & Logon delay times alone..."

Potential Cost Savings Explained:
Layer8 uniquely measures User Experience (sometimes known as User Behavioural Analytics or UBA), which provides insight never seen previously. Whilst Layer8 does not remediate actual problems, it provides data to

  1. identify, measure and confirm the problem
  2. pinpoint, locate and narrow the problem
  3. measure the results when remediation has taken place.

Remediation steps could include hardware upgrades, networking equipment faults, software version changes, malware removal or any number of standard IT troubleshooting procedures.

The Return on Investment Case: The measurements reported by the Layer8 meters can be used to help improve the User Experience (UX), meet Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), help with Compliance and identify and reduce costs in the following application areas:

Quantify and Reduce Hidden Staff Costs through lost productivity.

  • How long Users wait for an application / system response
  • How long Users wait for logon to complete
  • How long Users wait for a web application / web page to load
  • Obtain a real unproductive staff time value in hours, which multiplied by an average staff cost per hour, provides a true cost value.

Improve Service Level Agreement (SLA) effectiveness

  • Utilising innovative, 'real world', objective SLA metrics
  • Verify vendor and service provider supplied metrics and charges
  • Confirm performance, availability, support (error messages and time to fix)
  • Identify trends, spikes and dips in performance
  • Quality of Service for SaaS and desktop systems

Identify Usage and System Performance Anomalies

  • Plot accurate system Usage totals & trends over time - including hard to reach Terminal Servers / Thin Client
  • Plot User experience trends and perform historic comparisons
  • Identify rogue or unauthorised applications
  • Do you really need to upgrade / replace / add servers, desktops, web servers?
  • 100% accurate usage reporting assists HR compliance, investigations and staff improvement efforts
  • Verify improvements with before and after comparisons, e.g. moving from Windows XP to Windows 7, from Physical to Virtual Desktops or from Word to OpenOffice

Confirm System Upgrade / Replacement Policies

  • Discover if you really need to upgrade or replace hardware
  • Do you need to add servers, or provide short term resource level increases
  • Traditional 3 year hardware replacement policies can be examined

Reduce Application License costs (Software Asset Management)

  • Confirm true, distinct application usage, and appropriate use
  • Identify application under-use, over-use or non-use
  • Identify which, how many software maintenance contract licenses are required

Reduce Web Site / Web Application Service Charges

  • Confirm true, distinct application usage, and appropriate use
  • Identify web application under-use
  • Identify trends & possible performance issues in advance


  • Prove Due Diligence - Demonstrate System and Networks are working well (compliant), day to day, as well highlighting problem areas
  • IT Usage Policies - Use of Websites and Content, Out of Hours Use of IT Systems, Restricted Locations and Remote Working
  • Software License Compliance for use / overuse

Improve Operations Efficiency

  • Detect emerging issues before calls are received by the help desk; Real-time user experience degradation
  • Report real-time window title keyword analysis (e.g. words like Error, Warning, etc.)
  • Assist root cause analysis; Are issues limited to a single user, group of users or all users
  • Identify anomalies and new types of problems


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About Logfiller

Logfiller is a private company founded in 2013. It is the brainchild of Jeremy Barker, Co-founder and CTO and is now the No.1 REAL User Experience company.

Jeremy is a serial inventor and enterprise founder, whose intensely practical focus has earned him several patents and enriched many organisations in recent years, both technologically and financially. He is the creater of many successful inventive solutions that now form the core of some of the markets most notable enterprises including Celbrus, Oakley Networks, Silent Knight, Alto Cirrus Designs and now Logfiller, his latest and best.

He has created and exhaustively tested this robust, versatile software, a finished product that addresses a market niche in which there are few if any comparable products. Because it can quantify precisely where and when inefficiencies and other hazards affect performance, it is uniquely useful for measurement of actual SLA performance, system-wide productivity and in many other forms of audit for all Windows based systems.

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About Networks Unlimited

Formed in 1992, Networks Unlimited are one of the UK's foremost providers of IT Management, Administration and IT Security solutions. We have been instrumental in being the first to introduce new technologies and vendors to the UK marketplace including names such as (DELL) SonicWALL, ManageEngine, WildPackets, and many more. We have a wide range of complementary solutions to address virtually any demanding requirements in the field of IT Management covering areas such as service desk, active directory, identity access, networks, desktops, mobile devices, applications, OS and patch deployment, remote control and Logfiller, with whom we are authorised UK partners - end user experience monitoring.

We have an enviable and diverse client base including organisations both small and large across all sectors with a significant number being Managed Service Providers (MSP's).

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